The Big Universe     Голямата Вселена

Cognition of the universe and life on habitable planets

Познание за Вселената и живота върху обитаемите планети

Why, when, how did the Big Universe, our local universe, the solar system, the planet Earth come into being?

Are we alone in the universe?

Energy and matter?

Space and time?

How and when did life on Earth originate?

When and how did the first humans appear?

What is the phenomenon of life?

What is the essence and purpose of life?

What is the maximum possible length of human life and how can it be achieved?

What is the main constructive human essence?

What and how many races and human civilizations are there?

Why do we constantly experience difficulties and misfortunes?

Why do we die?



   And more "why, how, when, what, what, which, which"...


   All this you will learn by perusing and studying these authentic documents given to men by the ministering beings and personalities of the created, organized and cared for Great Universe.